Nutrition an important aspect in an athlete’s life


Photo by Jeff Siner/Charlotte Observer from Tribune Media Content used with permission

Tiger Woods looks over the second green prior to putting during the final round of the Masters on Sunday, April 12, 2015, at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga.

James Jefferson, Reporter

The importance of dieting is crucial to maintaining a healthy body frame. Two of the world’s most popular sports athletes, Lebron James and Tiger Woods, even keep up their health.

Palatine High School’s golf coach Mark Johnson says it’s important to avoid foods that have high sugar and carbohydrate contents during the week of competition. He also says high protein is the way to have high energy.

According to, Lebron James has a diet that can contain several different things. For breakfast, he can eat a veggie omelet with a side of turkey bacon, fresh fruit and hash browns or he can eat an egg sandwich with a whole grain muffin, avocado salsa, and a smoothie with fruit and low fat greek yogurt.

For lunch, he either eats a spinach salad with grilled chicken or he eats a turkey sandwich with healthy vegetables as a topping. And for dinner, he eats a grilled or baked salmon and steamed vegetables. His second option could be chicken or shrimp tacos with an assortment of fresh vegetables.

According to, Tiger Woods has a schedule that is built around working his muscles. First thing in the morning at 6:30 am, he has one hour of cardio. Then he has an hour of lower weight training. Tiger says it’s important that he works out everyday in order to keep himself loose on the golf course. Then at 8:30, he eats a high protein breakfast. Typically an egg white omelet with vegetables.

Then after working on his golf game for three hours, he eats a lunch that typically consists of grilled chicken or fish, salad or vegetables. Then he works on his game for another three hours.