Fall fashion fever

Kayla Ruiz, Reporter

Local clothing stores of all kinds are making dramatic shifts in their clothing racks as the drop in temperatures in these coming weeks welcomes what is perhaps the most exciting season for fashion.

Each year, Forbes reports, New York Fashion Week offers a flurry of trends from the runways of Prabal Gurung, Tommy Hilfiger, Diane von Furstenberg, and many more. It always marks the start of fall fashion regardless of whether or not the temperature in your town has yet to drop below eighty degrees.

The trends offered by NYFW include face accessories and foot-long fringe, both of which are far cries from what are seen in the school hallways. However, the average student can still look smart in much subtler ways for reasonable prices if they know where to look.

Plato’s Closet is not your average secondhand store. Not only does it buy and sell name-brand clothing, but it also sets up a monthly “pop-up shop” to keep up with the latest trends. The September pop-up, appropriately called “Sweater Weather,” rounds up a selection of the warmest knits at the front of the store.

For those teenagers who are hesitant about the quality of secondhand clothing, don’t be afraid. Ally Pants, an employee at Plato’s Closet in Schaumburg, 1414 N. Roselle Rd., says that employees “really really” check for condition when buying clothes from customers. Getting clothes from a variety of people, Pants says, also means Plato’s Closet serves all styles, not just one.

For the average teenager, it’s easiest to stay with the classics. The layering of cardigans, leggings, and jackets is always the best part of the season, says Pants. She goes on to say that this is what creates the excitement surrounding the fall fashion season. “There’s just more that you can do with it.”

For new clothing, Francesca’s in Deer Park Town Center, 20530 N. Rand Rd. #344, offers everything from clothes in a rainbow of colors to home decor and gifts–mugs, books, and countless charming trinkets. The small shop makes up in variety what it might lack in space.

The trends for this upcoming season, says Francesca’s employee Jessica Ruiz, is a long list of different styles, including “boho,” faux fur, hats, fringe, lace, and printed dresses. Like Pants, she says layering is the best part of the fall season. A customer can layer tights under long socks and whatever boots they may find in the store. Students going back to school can also find crossbodies and backpacks at Francesca’s, says Ruiz.

No matter where a shopper chooses to find their clothes, the upcoming season welcomes much greater creativity in style whether they choose to follow the latest trends or stick to fall essentials.