What makes a good educator


Jazmin Galvan

Dennis Zandi teaches Algebra 2 during fifth period.

James Jefferson , Reporter

There are 225 teachers at Palatine High School.

“Teachers need to have a passion for what they are teaching their students.” Palatine High School’s Principal, Gary Steiger said, “I determine whether they are the right teacher for a subject based upon how they interact with their students.”

According to Facultyfocus.com, there are three very important things that make a great teacher: a great teacher has high expectations for students, a great teacher can take a leadership role, and a great teacher has their own ambition and drive to learn reports.

“The teacher needs to be interested in the students’ personal lives.” Palatine High School senior Tess O’Brien says, “The teacher needs to relate the curriculum to the student. And they need to make students feel comfortable but at the same time the teacher needs to demand respect from their students”.

Being a great teacher involves some great characteristics: a great teacher is able to be engaged with the parents, the teacher knows the subject that they are teaching, and great teachers are well prepared for their students writes Greatschools.org.

“Good teachers will adjust to students from class to class but keep their main focus in tact.
James Nowak, a math teacher at Palatine High School said, “The number one goal as a teacher is to “make sure that students gain knowledge in order to move on with their lives.”

Conner Wheatley, a sophomore at Palatine High School said, “A great teacher needs to be engaged with their students and a great teacher is a teacher that doesn’t give out a lot of homework.”

Every teacher is different but virtually every teacher has some of these great qualities according to teaching.about.com, a good teacher is cooperative and can build relationships with other teachers and students. A good teacher must have a creative mind and a good teacher is able withstand any approach to criticism and stick with their decisions.

“A great teacher is someone who teaches content related to the subject and life skills. United States History teacher Brittany Berleman also said, “a great teacher is someone who can positively interact with their students but also set high expectations for the class”.

A great teacher establishes clear objectives for each day and works to meet those specific goals during the class period reports teaching.monster.com. A great teacher has discipline skills and can encourage positive behaviors in the classroom.

“The teacher needs to be helpful, energetic and involved in the students work.” John Weber and Marissa Glaviano, juniors at Palatine High School, said.