How to be a writer


Fidan Malikova, Reporter

As easy as it seems, there are still some hardships that come along with writing, like asking yourself questions, “what should I write about? My mind is drawing a blank, what should I do?”

Everyone has at some point asked themselves questions like these before. But it’s really all about your topic, what you’re feeling, and what you’re determined to write about.

To get ideas of what to write about when it comes to fiction, just think about your topic. Do you want to write about a love story, fantasy, action, or adventure? Then bring it back to any of your few favorite movies or books about the genre. If you were a character in that movie or book, how would you react to the situation?

Maybe you can take a story and change it around completely. You can put yourself in the shoes of any character and think about their situation, change their situation up a bit to what you think is more interesting and go from there. That’s how you get your first fiction story.

But if you have no idea what to write about and you’re having writer’s block, that’s a completely different story. To avoid writer’s block, you can do a few things.

Think about what you’re going to write about- is it non-fiction, fiction, a paper for class, or something you’re working on in your free time? If it’s a paper for school, a way to avoid writer’s block is to search up information on your topic! Read short stories similar to your topic and brainstorm ideas to figure out what you can do to change that story around. Another option could be to create a completely different story, but maybe with the same setting or similar characters.
If you’re a writer and want to write a story, but you are experiencing writer’s block, then there’s a few things you can do.

If you’re writing a short story, watch TED Talks for inspiration. If you’re writing a poem, search up some poems to read online. Get your inspiration from somewhere. Listen to music about your topic you want to write about. And if you don’t know what topic you want to write about yet, get your inspiration in a completely different way. Take a walk outside and pay attention to the little things, it’s where inspiration starts from.