‘Elf: The Musical’ spreads Christmas cheer

Martika Theis, Reporter

As a busy scene depicts a telephone ringing, a tall, brightly-dressed man jumps up to answer with the famed, “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?”

“Elf: The Musical” has arrived at the Marriott Theater in Lincolnshire with “sparklejollytwinklejingley” cheer, enchanting audiences of all ages. The musical is playing until Dec. 31 and tickets can be bought here.

The music is inspired and creative, with lyrics that really convey the Christmas spirit and the attitude of the characters. The choreography is, as always, superb and the sheer level of dance expertise combined with simultaneous singing is enough to make anyone want to decorate in November.

Small features of the plot have changed due to the structure of the theater and time constraints, but the spirit is the same and the plot moves smoothly and concisely. Speaking of the structure of the theater, this play pushes the limits of what can be done on a theater-in-the-round with people on bikes, roller blades, and even a land rover that barely fits in the aisle space provided. Watch your feet. However, these little touches add a cinematic feel to the musical that really is hard to find in mainstream theater.

The acting and writing is quite well done, garnering a standing ovation from the entire crowd by the time Buddy himself comes out for the curtain call. Emotions are realistic and relatable, especially for adults who have lost their faith in Santa Claus.

Also, parents have no need to worry about children having the myth spoiled for them. The musical does portray children who have lost their faith, but provides proof and belief by the end.

Although originally seeming a movie ill-suited for the stage, “Elf” was done with poise and humor, happiness and energy. For any pre-Christmas pump-up or just a fun story for all ages, “Elf” and the Marriott Lincolnshire are waiting to thrill you.