Harper’s Promise offers opportunity to class of 2019

Sarah Nagel, Reporter

Harper College Freshman Program Script


Palatine High School and Cutlass presents: Palatine’s Podcast. I’m Sarah Nagel.

32,405 dollars. That is the average cost to attend college in Illinois. I don’t know about you, but to me this number is very high, especially since this doesn’t even include the cost of room and board, books, and transportation. If that isn’t bad enough, most students don’t have enough money to cover this giant bill and resort to taking out a loan from the bank and putting themselves in massive amounts of debt when they graduate due to interest. If your parents took out a student loan, chances are, they’re still paying it back. Dealing with student loan debts right out of college can be detrimental to someone’s future, when they may need that money to eventually buy a house or a car. But what I told you there is a solution to this ever growing problem of the rising cost of college? What would you do if there was a way to leave college debt free? What if there was a college you can attend that offers two years of education with no tuition? Sounds too good to be true? It’s not.


The Harper College Promise Scholarship is a program aiming to remove financial barriers for hard-working high school students to attend college. The program promises two years of college tuition free to any incoming high school freshman who is willing to earn it. And by earn it I mean being be a god student, That is, maintain solid grades, have a good attendance record, provide service to the community, don’t repeat classes, and graduate on time. This program is brand new—it just started this year and anyone who is a Freshman can apply. Freshman all across d211 are applying for this once-in-a-lifetime program and the class of 2019 here at PHS have many pupils who have applied. They had quite a lot to say about the program, lauding how much of an improvement this is.

Student Interview

If you are a freshman and are interested program, talk to your Homeroom teacher. This could save you thousands of dollars for you and your family. You must be registered by the fifteenth of December to be a part of the scholarship program. If you want to be a part of the scholarship program, but your grades aren’t quite up to scratch, that’s okay. Harper only looks at your grades after you sign up for the program, so that gives you all of second semester to bring your grades up.

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Correction: Podcast says students across Illinois are signing up for the program, but Harper’s Promise is only available to students in District 211 and District 214.