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The Buffalo Bills hold the record with 4 straight Superbowl appearances.

James Jefferson, Reporter

An ESPN film, Four Falls of Buffalo, directed by Ken Rodgers, is about the Buffalo Bills’ team from 1990-1993. They appeared in 4 consecutive Super Bowls. They’re the only team in NFL history to accomplish this feat.

In order to start their run to glory, the Bills needed a quarterback. So in 1986, the Bills signed Jim Kelly. 4 years later, the Bills appeared in their first Super Bowl thanks to their uptempo no huddle offense. They led the NFL in points scored in 1990.

In the super bowl, they faced the New York Giants. The game was intense from start to finish. In the 4th quarter, the Bills were on their last series of plays trying to set up for a game winning field goal. That’s when the Bills franchise changed forever. Bills kicker, Scott Norwood missed a game winning 47 yard field goals.

The following year, the Bills returned to the Super Bowl but lost to the Washington Redskins, 37-24. In 1992, the Bills made the playoffs yet again. But this time, they made NFL history in a postseason game.

They played the Houston Oilers in the wild card game and they trailed 35-3 at halftime. They came back and won 38-35. They eventually made it to the Super Bowl but got destroyed by the Dallas Cowboys, 52-17.

The Bills made a fourth consecutive Super Bowl in 1993 but the results were the same as the year before; they played the Cowboys and lost 30-13.

The target audience for this movie is NFL fans. The appeal favor is that the Bills are the only team in NFL history to make 4 consecutive Super Bowls.

Lots of former Bills players’ from the early 90’s were featured in the documentary. Quarterback Jim Kelly, running back Thurman Thomas, former Bill’s general manager Bill Polian, former Bill’s receiver’s Don Beebe and Steve Tasker and the goat of Super Bowl 25 Scott Norwood.

Ken Rodgers is the director of "Four Falls of Buffalo."
Courtesy of ESPN.
Ken Rodgers is the director of “Four Falls of Buffalo.”

The film techniques are very good. The producers used some somber music whenever a loss of Bill is mentioned but then as games are being described, the music gets dramatic.

Even after 25 years, it’s hard to believe that the Buffalo Bills’ appeared in four straight Super Bowls. But it’s even harder to believe that they are the only team in NFL history to lose four straight Super Bowls. The film used a method that I thought was pretty cool: they showed highlights from their great seasons from 1990-1993. And ESPN was able to interview most of the players that were a part of those four straight Super Bowls.

Overall, this was a great documentary. It shows one of the best teams in NFL history that was able to get to the Super Bowl, even though they never broke through and won it. Some fans think they shouldn’t be remembered for the fact that they lost four straight Super Bowls, but rather the fact that they made history by being the only NFL team to appear in four straight Super Bowls.