iPad Educational Use


Sabrina Brons

All students at Palatine High School are given an iPad as part of the One-to-One program.

Joshua Moore, Reporter

Since it’s release in 2010, the iPad has grown tremendously in popularity. Apple’s iPads have become an excellent tool in many fields, including education. Our own Palatine High School decided to begin using the iPad a few years ago, and I really enjoy the features and options that the device comes with.

iPads have shown many academic improvements throughout the country. Montlieu Academy of Technology has had a 29% increase in test scores since they began using iPads. Apple also states that UC Irvine Medical School has had a 23% increase in iPad equipped classes compared to traditional classes.

In my own experiences, iPads allow notes and assignments to be easily stored for simple access. Palatine High School provides students with applications such as Notability, which stores everything in one spot, or Schoology, which can help teachers and students with submitting and grading assignments.

“I don’t have the data to back it up, but I feel that students are more accountable to their work when they have instant feedback,” Russell Horvath, teacher at Palatine High School, says. “I have a lot more students turning in work than ever before.”

Some academic professors and teachers disagree with the use of the iPad because it can be a distraction in the classroom. The iPad can be a distraction, but so can a cell phone or any other device. It’s the job of the school to restrict or monitor the iPad so that it is being used for what it’s intended for. Whether or not technology is monitored will drastically change the outcome.

“They flashed their gap-toothed grins — not at each other but at their shining screens,” Launa Hall, an elementary teacher, said. “That was the first of many moments when I wished I could send the iPads back.”

The iPad is very helpful for organization and allowing students to keep all their notes and assignments in one place. I need to be organized and tidy, especially when it comes to studying and doing homework. The iPad also contains books that can be used in a substitution for paper ones. This is extremely helpful while doing homework or reading because it allows me to search for keywords and follow along as I am doing homework.

All the positive feedback and outcomes regarding the iPad definitely outweigh the negative ones. Improving scores, making learning easier, and providing a helpful tool for students is something I believe will change education for the better, and I hope schools continue to incorporate iPads into their education systems.