PHS awaits new media center


Jackie Vega

The media center will change dramatically when unveiled next fall.

Jordan Palmer, News Editor

As finals rolled around this year, many Palatine High School students found themselves displaced from their normal study spot. The PHS media center, normally a hotspot for last minute finals cramming, has been torn up for renovations.

“I used to study there for finals or just sit in there and do homework.” PHS senior Marian Nicolas said. “It’s more peaceful than the crowded and noisy cafeteria.”

For those students hoping to return to the media center soon, they still have to wait. Originally scheduled to be completed around the end of this April, the estimated time of completion has been pushed back to this fall.

But administrator Michael Alther thinks that the renovations will be worth it. “We as an administration team down here are very excited about the changes.”

“There’s only going to be two offices.” Alther said, “and that is in an effort to get us out into the space, to be more collaborative.”

Alther said that more open spaces will help to encourage students to talk and work together.

The new media center will also have a coffee shop where students can go to get their caffeine fix before a long day of school.

“There’s one other piece that’s happening for our media center that I’m really excited to see how it comes out, and I’m really excited to see the response, so that’s why I’m keeping it as hush hush as I can.” Alther said.

“It’s important to note that the media center that was up there was original to the building.” Alther said. “So as far as bringing that space up to speed and up to what can be most useful to the way students learn, this was necessary.”

The whole project has a budget of $750,000. Other schools, namely Conant and Schaumberg have also recently had their media centers renovated.