Me Before You touches the heart


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Fidan Malikova, Features Editor

“Me Before You” had people of all ages sobbing their eyes out! A wonderful love story of two completely different people coming together and becoming one, appealed to audiences all over the world.

Louisa Clark, a small town girl lost her business and found a new job to support her family, which was caring for William Traynor. Will used to be one of the best athletes, always so free and into any adventure possible. Until he got hit by a motorcycle, and got paralyzed from the neck down, with very little movement in his fingers and hands.

In this romantic movie, Louisa and Will seek new places, adventures, friendships, love, and loss.

Laughter filled the theater as Will and Louisa didn’t get along at first, making jokes and arguments with each other. But their love story slowly started to escalate into something horrifically beautiful.

Will was depressed after the accident, but meeting Louisa made him a bit happier than he’s been since the accident, but not the same kind of happy he was before.

Will promised his parents six more months of living before he would leave to a clinic to have his life ended. Because he was living a completely different life after the accident, he didn’t want to live a life where he couldn’t fully be himself. As Louisa finds out about this, she tries to show Will that life is worth living, and that she loves him and doesn’t want to let him go.

As this beautiful love story has its twists and turns, full of laughter and cries, I found it to be one of the best romantic and heartwarming movies I’ve ever seen. It shows two completely different sides of all the characters, expressing the beauty of love and change.

The two actors clicked together quite well. They seemed to have a good spark in the movie, and they played out their characters really amazing.

“Me Before You” is one of the most romantic movies of the year. So if you’re into romance with a bit of comedy, I highly recommend this movie.