World Language department celebrates living abroad

PHS social worker Mario Gonzalez has traveled to 13 countries and lived for two years in Israel.

Sarah Nagel, Podcast Editor

Palatine High School’s foreign language department hosted the first ever World Language Day. On Aug. 26, students and teachers spoke about study abroad the importance of living abroad.

“The purpose of World Language Day was to encourage students to learn a language, integrate with other cultures, and ultimately take advantage of any opportunities to travel in their future.” Spanish teacher Stephanie Wermes explained. “Throughout the day, we had a variety of guest speakers who collectively have traveled to over 20 countries around the world! They had some amazing experiences to share, and it was really great hearing about how their travels impacted them in so many ways.”

All students enrolled in a world language class were required to attend, and many students dropped in from lunch to hear what the presenters had to say.

Some presenters showed photos, other simply spoke about their experience. Among the presenters was PHS’s social worker Mario Gonzalez who lived in Israel and has traveled across Europe as well.

“The biggest message was that learning a language and traveling to another country is so important, and it really is an experience you simply won’t regret.” Wermes said. “Students had really positive feedback about the event overall, and many revealed that they left feeling inspired and excited about language. I am so happy and already very eager for next year’s World Language Day!”

Palatine is hosting students from Germany and France this year to help them learn English, and has many study abroad opportunities next summer for PHS students.