Badminton intramural welcomes all students


Natalia Golash

Intramural badminton is in the main gym on Sept 20, 26, and 29 and Oct 13, 18, 20, and 24

Julia Plesniak, Reporter

Badminton intramurals are meeting after school in September through October. These practices are perfect for people who are planning on trying out for badminton in the spring or have fun with friends.

Freshman Josalyn Service joined because she wanted “to try new sports, since I’m not doing volleyball anymore.”

For students looking to learn how to play badminton, these intramurals would be great and there are so many skilled players there who are able to teach you.

Students missing a sport or just want to join an activity, this is a perfect time to do the intramurals and possibly try out for the team.

Freshman Lainey Steffus is planning on joining the badminton team. A bunch of people who are doing the practices are joining mainly because of how fun it is. The purpose of these intramurals isn’t based on how good you are at badminton, it’s how much fun you can have.

Anyone interested in joining the team or having fun come to intramurals to get in some extra practice, here are the dates:

September 20, 26, and 29

October 13, 18, 20, and 24