Students spend hours on homework at PHS

Soraya Elhoumaidi, Reporter

Students at Palatine High School have been getting lots of homework, and the students interviewed spend about three to five hours on homework each night.

“I need to balance a lot of time to get my homework done,” Rawan Bassiouni, a student at Palatine High School, said. “I have to do most of my homework at night and then in the morning too because I am so exhausted and I barely get any sleep.” The excessive homework load impacts students when it comes to sleep and emotional distress.

“When I do homework I feel like I am going to die” sophomore Samantha Imlay said.  “I feel so depressed because of all the stress.”

Lots of students aren’t able to focus or put their best effort into their classroom time because they are so exhausted due to the amount of homework they’ve been getting.

“I have no motivation left,” Natalia Medina, another student at Palatine High School said. “After doing that amount of work, I have no time to do any of the activities that I like.”

“It could be problematic that I don’t know what’s going on in your other classes, but I don’t think I assign a lot of homework” Michael Comerford, a teacher at Palatine High School, said. “I don’t know if you have other homework in other classes, but homework can be valuable in some classes.”

The teachers may not be aware of the amount of homework they are giving, but some teachers, like Comerford, believe that they are setting a reasonable expectation for students. The students at Palatine high school are expected to get a lot of homework and still manage their time to get it all done.