HOSA medical club helps students with their future


Courtesy of HOSA.org

HOSA prepares students for future health professions.

Soraya Elhoumaidi, Reporter

Palatine High School has a wide variety of clubs that appeal to students interests and possible careers. One of those clubs is Health Occupations Students of America.
HOSA is a club that helps students get ready to be in the medical field. This club gives students real life medical scenarios that they need to solve.

Students can work in teams or as individuals. There are many different categories to choose from including: forensic medicine, creative problem solving, medical assistants, etc.

HOSA is a relatively new club that didn’t have many participates last year. This year they have spread the word about the club and gotten much more students that want to be involved.

“Students should join HOSA because it’s fun,” Serena Escalona, treasurer of HOSA, says. “It’s also good if you want to get into the health field because there’s a lot of careertracks that lead to different careers.”

“People should join HOSA for the team aspect,” Jess Streepy, secretary, says. “Combined with a very much independent approach in taking initiative based on guidelines provided, along with people skills, presenting skills, and research skills.”

This club helps students explore the medical field through hands on learning and experience. “If you want to be a vet, dentist, or medical assistant etc. then joining HOSA will help you get a little taste of what you’re getting yourself into,” Escalona says.

“HOSA also helps with real life skills because a lot of the events are group events and it’s really good to understand to understand how to work together,” Escalona says. “It’s important to know how to work in high pressure situations like that.”

“It teaches good work ethic along with important elements of the medical world that are the building blocks for future knowledge,” Streepy says. “The purpose is to inspire and inform people of unique and intriguing possible career paths. In order to help them in the future to decide what they want to do in their future lives.”

The HOSA website also encourages students to join this organization to better prepare them for real life jobs and scenarios.

“The purpose of the HOSA organization is to develop leadership and technical HOSA skill competencies through a program of motivation, awareness and recognition, which is an integral part of the Health Science Education instructional program”(hosa.org).

HOSA meets every Wednesday afternoon and every Thursday morning in room 350. Students can follow @PalatineHOSA or visit hosa.org for more information.