Antony Volgi’s first teaching year at PHS


Edwin Perez-Hernandez

Antony Volgi teaches in applied technology.

Ricardo Franco, Reporter

Anthony Volgi, brother of John Volgi, is one of the new teachers in Palatine High School this year. Volgi is teaching two electronics classes, two engineering classes and one digital electronics.

“I could see how hands on brought the learning out of students,” Volgi said. Volgi wants to strive to be a good teacher, he always makes sure to teach with hands on activity to get interests on the topic. He also used to be a teacher at Fremd High school. To ace Mr. Volgi’s class you have to be very good hands on because it relies on projects.

“Both schools have high expectations,” Volgi said. “Fremd has a different student body so there is a different teaching style.” Palatine high school has exceptional teachers and Volgi fits right in. He can adapt to the different students learning styles and get them to understand the material.

“Mr. Volgi is a great a guy one step under OG Volgi but he’s getting there,” said Angel Ewald, a junior at PHS.

Being a new teacher, Volgi feels that it is way different from teaching at Fremd high school. Volgi taught at Fremd high for two years and he liked it there but he knew that wasn’t the school for him.

“Mr. Volgi always inspires me with good ideas when I need them,” said Dylan Sanchez, a senior at Palatine High School.

Volgi is a great addition to the Palatine High School staff. He is glad to be a pirate.