Marvel vs. DC Universe

Michael Mejia, Reporter

As all of us humans beings love at least one character or superhero of the two non-existent universes, we have yet to understand that some of them aren’t in the same team.

What I mean by that, is that Marvel and DC are different universes among themselves splitting the characters into going to either one.

For example if we compare Captain America and Batman, Captain America is from Marvel basically meaning anything that happened in Marvel affects him too and same goes for Batman but whatever happened, happened in the DC universe.

As both sides are fairly good at putting out good content, both in game and movies, one seems to be more dominant than the other.

“I like Marvel because it has Spider-Man,” senior Juan Trejo said.

“Marvel seems to be the best because there movies and characters in general are better,” said Brandon Flores, who is also a senior at PHS and enjoys the movies Marvel have recently came out with.

As it’s obvious from the responses I’ve been getting on which one is better, Marvel seems to rise on top. People normally don’t think about the actual company only the characters.

For instance people thought Batman was part of Marvel until I gave them further information on what side he really is on. It’s sad in a way but also good because people don’t really seem to choose a side from the two listed, but tend to see all the characters as if they’re in one group.

Overall Marvel wins in most categories for it being people’s favorite brand.

“Well as for movies and characters, Marvel is currently winning since they are basically the top box office for film, and their characters have a better portrayal for kids and adults, meanwhile DC really only controls television,” said Nick McConnell, who knows very much about anything and everything about Marvel and DC.

Movies and games have developed over the years and for that, these two companies are becoming more popular than ever before.

Marvel wins out of the two obviously from many people’s interest in everything about it, but it’s best to have these two companies battling over who is greater than the other.

Without one, the other wouldn’t have something to compete with, meaning that the company wouldn’t really try as much in their work.

Overall without these two, we wouldn’t have the entertainment as we have now.