Inner Demons launches a music career for Julia Brennan


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18-year-old Julia Brennan’s heartfelt song, Inner Demons, is about the struggles of one of her friends.

Haley Holz, Reporter

Julia Brennan, an 18 year old singer-songwriter from Minneapolis, has just been signed by Columbia records because of her heartfelt piano-laced track “Inner Demons.”

“Inner Demons” was inspired by one of Julia Brennan’s friends, who was going through some tough times at home. She wanted to let her know that it would be ok and that she would be there for her.  Once she had written the song she kind of just sat on it for awhile. She finally decided to release her song and two others that she had written when she broke her collarbone riding her brothers motorcycle. She thought – Why not? And this one moment changed her life forever.

She released her ep with the three songs and posted them on both itunes and youtube. Her local radio station then got a hold of her track “Inner Demons.” KDWB-FM, her local radio station, decided to call her while on the air and while speaking with her, they played sixty seconds of her song. In just two days, not only was her song was being requested on the radio a multitude of times, but three different labels had made contact with her.

Julia Brennan has grown up playing the piano and has been inspired by both Adele and Sam Smith. She has been writing for years and has now decided to put her beautiful words to music.

If you haven’t heard it already, go check out Julia Brennan’s song “Inner Demons” as well as her other two songs, “I’m Not Her” and “A Light To Call Home” on Youtube or iTunes. For those who love singers like Rachel Patten, Julia Brennan’s “Inner Demons” is definitely for you. All three songs are quite interesting and should be on your new playlist.