Insights by Haley: Readers will find “Strange the Dreamer” dreamy


Courtesy Hodder Books Youtube

Laini Taylor, author of “Strange the Dreamer” discusses her book.

Haley Holz, Reporter

Lazlo Strange, an orphan who knows nothing about his past; a junior librarian who always seems to have his nose in a book; and a person that no one really cares about.

Lazlo, however, has had a dream for his entire life. A dream to find the city of Weep.

He has dreamed about this lost city since he was five, but doesn’t know why. Everyone thinks that he is crazy, possibly by getting hit one too many times from falling books in the library, but that hasn’t stopped him from doing everything he could to find evidence of this lost land.

Well, that is until the day his dream comes knocking at the door. Lazlo has been preparing for this his entire life, but what he finds, surprises him more than anyone could have ever guessed.

I don’t think that I have the words to describe how utterly glorious this story is.

The cover art pulls you in from the very start. The main characters, Lazlo and Sahari, are well thought out and don’t disappoint. The language is vividly descriptive; for example, one quote regarding nightmares was, “[w]e’ll chase them away…or else turn them into fireflies and catch them in jars” and the plot is enticing, making this tale both beautiful and enlightening.

Laini Taylor is the author of this astounding book and it is her most recent literary work.

She has an earlier trilogy entitled “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” which I have not read yet but that I am sure is good. My issue right now is that the sequel to this story doesn’t come out until next year. I don’t want to wait, I want the sequel now! I have so many questions about the ending and I need to know what happens next.

If you love fantasy and just a marvelously well written book you should definitely read this book. It is one of my favorite reads of 2017 and I would give it 4.8 stars. Looks like I will just have to keep dreaming till the next book comes out.