Humans of Palatine: Meredith

Edwin Perez-Hernandez, Photographer

“My name is Meredith Quick. I was in the English department as a TA and now I am a librarian in the media center. The reason that I wanted to be a librarian and I love the media center and especially in palatine high school is we have this beautiful space for kids to work and to pick up books either fiction or nonfiction.”

Edwin Perez-Hernandez

“There’s an expression “our intent is for your delight” and that’s how I feel I want the media center to run; is that we want you to be curious we want you to enjoy books and so that’s been my philosophy here as the librarian and I’m really new I’ve only had this job for three weeks but I really want to help shape the culture of the library and make people more curious learners.

I love literature, I found solace in books. I think that books can help you be a better person and give you new ways of thinking and also give you information and perspectives on other people’s lives and I get really passionate about books that I either felt a strong connection to or have changed my mental philosophy. I’ve been pushing “Zen in the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” and “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac to students because as a reader those books made me want to be a better person and I think that that’s the power of books and literature is that they can change how you think and make you want to be a better person or they can be an escape, they can give you perspective into somebody else’s world.So I feel very passionate about books and I want students to be readers I want them to be curious and so I feel that it’s my job to create an environment where kids want to be curious where kids want to be passionate about books and I really want to facilitate that.”

Edwin Perez-Hernandez