‘The Maze Runner’ twists and turns


Photo via Dashner Army under Creative Commons license

The best-selling novel, The Maze Runner, comes to theaters on Sept. 19 2014.

Sabrina Brons, Reporter


A single name. The only thing he, along with the other Newbies, remember when emerging into the Glade. Once a month for as long as the Gladerscan remember, one new boy along with a stack of supplies came up from the box, but after Thomas everything changed.

Theresa. Thomas. One girl. Two names remembered hers and the Newbie’s, the Newbie that had arrived the day before. Along with the new girl was a note saying that she was the last one ever. Everything the Gladers thought they knew was now twisted.

The Maze Runner by James Dashner takes place in a supernatural society made up of about 50-60 boys and one girl. Everyone has a job to make sure the community survives; from the cooks to the Runners every job is important for the self-surviving community. The community is surrounded by the Doors, a giant wall that protects them from the maze. Inside the maze are the Grievers, nasty beetle creatures who kill the Gladers at night. The maze is a giant dead end; there’s one way into the Glade and no way out.

Thomas, like all other main characters, is the hero of the story with the help of Theresa, Minho, Chuck, and Alby. As the storyline advances so does the danger, they had always been relatively safe inside the Doors, but now with the Grievers threatening to kill one Glader a night, the stakes to find an escape have been raised.

As the novel came to a close, I begged for more and continued on to read the 2 sequels to The Maze Runner. Throughout each novel Thomas tests the limits over and over again. My favorite part of the series is the theme it gives the readers: whenever someone tell you something is impossible, never stop trying to push the limits and make it possible.

The Maze Runner will be hitting the box office on Sept. 19. It’s sure to be a big splash in Hollywood due to its twisting story by James Dashner (and it doesn’t help that Dylan O’Brien who plays Thomas is quite good looking). Be sure to read The Maze Runner, along with the rest of the series, before going to the movies to watch this amazing novel come to life.