Girls varsity volleyball perserveres and thrives past doubt

Haley Holz, Reporter

This year Palatine High School’s Varsity volleyball team finished second in regionals, falling to the number one seeded team, New Trier, sadly ended their season. This season though, was one of the best, with the girls winning the Antioch tournament for the second year in a row. The girls finished their season with a 26-11 record.

After losing six seniors last year, many believed that this year wasn’t going to be as great as the one before. Bev Ryan is a senior and starting middle who is committed to play at Illinois Wesleyan.

“The season went better than people expected, but we didn’t come close to finishing where we could have,” Ryan said. Amanda Delio is a libero and defensive specialist, who is going to Kean University next fall, who also believes the season “went better than anyone expected.”

Even though the group had a shaky start, the team really improved by the end of the season.

“We grew tremendously, although we didn’t always show that on the court. We learned how to use our talent, which is what we struggled with at the beginning of the year,” Allison Aldag, the team’s setter said.

Some of the best memories from the season were beating Lake Zurich twice, sharing phenomenal team dinners, participating in a fantastic senior night, running around Palatine during the team scavenger hunt and watching Coach Flavio bust a move at the JV volleyball tournament.

Katie Lindert, both a senior and a libero/defensive specialist for the varsity team, says that her favorite memories from her four years of being on the team are wide-ranging.

“All of the times before the home games, where we are setting up nets, goofing around, playing light pepper, and just being a family,” Lindert said.

When asked what advice the seniors had for the underclassmen, the response was overwhelmingly that studentd should get involved.

“Not only for college, but it really makes high school all the more fun and worthwhile. Take advantage of these amazing opportunities. You may meet some amazing, like minded people that, who knows, may become some of your best friends,” Aldag said.

“I hope underclassmen remember every little thing and charise every memory,” Sarah Haddad, senior rightside hitter said.

This season has definitely been one to remember and our Palatine Varsity volleyball team sadly has lost five fabulous seniors. What they have accomplished on and off the court has been astounding. It’s almost certain that they will go on to make Palatine proud as they go off to college and beyond.