Create a new back to school look

Ashley Linehan, Reporter

Back to school is here. Not only do the students of PHS have an opportunity for a fresh start with grades and activities, they also have the chance to change up their fashion sense and beauty routine. While people can do this as often as they’d like, the start of a new school year is a great time to make the change.

There are quite a few products to help achieve this new look. To cover up any blemishes, use foundation and concealer. The drugstore has very nice and affordable options right now. As for color range and coverage, Covergirl has the best options. The Covergirl TruBlend foundation has a great selection of shades and is very blendable!

 Tip: For a more natural and light look blend the foundation down the face, from forehead to chin, to blend in with the natural lines of the face.

 Tip: To cover up purple under eyes, apply a yellow toned concealer, which will cancel out the purple, and then go ahead and apply a concealer in the appropriate shade.

To add a little color back to face, sweep a little bit of a light or neutral toned pink blush to warm up the apples of the cheeks. This won’t overpower the face, but will give that needed color after canceling out any hyper pigmentation.

When looking at eyeshadow, palettes generally give you the most bang for your buck. There is an option between drugstore which usually runs cheaper or high end which tends to have higher prices, but is often worth the purchase.

Two very similar palettes are both out now, one being drugstore, and the other high end.

The Maybelline ‘The Nudes’ palette runs for about $10 at Target, Walmart, Ulta, or any other store that carries this brand. The palette comes with twelve neutral colors that are pigmented and last all day. It’s great for people who want to start experimenting.

On the other hand, Urban Decay ‘Naked’ runs $54 and has almost the exact same colors, but has about 10 times the pigmentation of the Maybelline palette. Both are a great purchase and worth the money for anyone who wants to use them. It all depends on what a person would feel comfortable spending on their makeup.

Continuing with eyeliner, liquid eyeliner is a great way to get a precise line and long lasting color. It is difficult to use at first but after practicing for a while it gets a lot easier! The Maybelline ‘Line stiletto’ liquid eyeliner makes it simple to learn how to make a great line to define the eyes. With all of this eye makeup talk, of course mascara can’t be forgotten, mascara can put together a whole look, it lengthens your lashes as well as gives them volume.

Tip: To avoid mascara marks on the eyelid, put an index card behind the top lashes to ensure the index card will catch the excess mascara.

Finally finishing off the look would be lips. Lip balm is a must. With Palatine’s unpredictable weather, our lips generally suffer the consequences of getting dried out, so re-applying lip balm every so often will help reduce the lips cracking and will just give the lips a smoother look.

So with these new ideas in mind, grab a friend and head to the store, picking up some new goodies to start off the school year.