Preparing for Writer’s Day


Caroline Philbin

Students read in preparation for Writers Day 2017.

Caroline Philbin, Reporter

Auditions for Writer’s Day were held on Oct. 25, 2017.

Palatine High School Writer’s Day is a school-wide event open to any student writers who would like to share their pieces, and professional writers. Pieces being shared vary from poems to debates, so there is something for everyone.

“We want the school to see all our types of writing,” English teacher Erin Lindstrom said. “That is only possible with people who can come in to share.”

Writers from all different genres came in to audition, each with their own unique style and formats. Pieces shared varied from informative debates to poems with deep greater meanings.

“Writers day is important because it is an opportunity for us to listen to other writers,” senior Acacia Ramirez commented. “It helps us to see ways we can be published starting in the school.”

There is a lot of hard work and effort that goes into Writer’s Day.

While some students may be sharing a piece they have written beforehand, others work hard to write something they want to share. Either way, writing, like many other extracurriculars, takes time and dedication and sharing takes bravery and confidence.

“Writing is important to me because it’s my form of expression,” Ramirez said. “People have told me I can make them feel a lot of different feelings from the use of my words.”

Writers day will be held Nov. 16, 2017 during all periods of the day.