Palatine High School seniors create a new app


Screen shot of PTV's Shoutout video from Jan 12, 2018 showing seniors Bhargav Yadavalli, Aviral Saxena, Evan Eckels, and Rahul Gudivada presenting their app.

Caroline Philbin, Reporter

Four Palatine High School seniors Bhargav Yadavalli, Aviral Saxena, Evan Eckels, and Rahul Gudivada came together and created a new app “Grubyr”. The boys created the new app for The Congressional App Challenge.

“The Congressional App Challenge is a competition where high school students in participating congressional districts can submit apps, games, and websites.” Bhargav Yadavalli said. “The best one in each district will be picked and chosen as a winner.”

For two month span, that required lots of dedication and hard work, the four boys put together the app for their Independent Computer Science class.

“We wanted to do the competition to show our skills when it comes to developing good software.” Yadavalli said. “Also, we wanted to put PHS on the map in terms of a school leading in computer science education.”

“Grubyr” is an new app designed to help people find cheap food. Making food more accessible for people at a lower price.

“At the end of the day, local businesses will often throw away or donate their leftover food.” Yadavalli said “With Grubyr, they can post deals and users can see these deals on their phone and choose to act on them.”

The deals can be upvoted, this way some of the deals will appear on top so that’s they are more visible to the public. Grubyr will lower food waste, but will also give businesses higher exposure and more business.

“Honestly, my peers inspire me. To see the amazing things they do on a daily basis push me to work harder and accomplish more than I possibly thought I could.” Yadavalli said “Also, my desire for better technology that can solve even the simplest problems inspire me to think of ideas and develop them.”

The apps growth is not finished, Grubyr is planned to evolve into a full fledged iPhone app in the future.