Society’s perspective on body modification needs to change


Gabrielle Cervantes

Senior Randy Perez got his tattoo in September of 2017.

Tania Fernandez, Contributor

I love tattoos and piercings.

I know I’m only eighteen, but I don’t see anything wrong with decorating your body in the way you like. I live by the motto “you only live once.”

Although many may disagree and are not in favor for it, my belief remains strong.

Many people bash adolescents about such a “horrific thing.” The main people that tend to bash more than others are older men and women.

When they think of the word “tattoos,” the devil’s ink and ruining your body is what runs through their mind.

For piercings, they tend to say that nothing should ever be put into your body. They prefer leaving your body the way God created you from birth, without having to change it for personal perspectives.

Almost as if you are ashamed of your natural beauty, so more is added to feel better about your self esteem.

I personally think that people have the right to do what is wanted to their own body. People may judge, but others opinions should never have to reflect on what a person wants for themselves.

You have your own head, shoulders, legs, along with many more of your own body parts, so you have control over what is added anywhere, where it is wanted.

No one should get into a person’s business, but instead, worry about themselves. It is important to remain to yourself and to stay focused on their own wants and needs to their own property.

Referring to myself, I have my nose, ears and belly button pierced. Not only that, but I also have a back piece tattoo, which I got three days after my eighteenth birthday.

I love admiring these pieces every day, without listening to what others have to say.

I love my piercings and especially my tattoo. It makes my self esteem go up and that will only matter to me.”

I learned to never let your guard down and not have other people’s words affect how you feel. People will tend to talk down on you, but it all depends on your mentality and how you let it sink in.

It is important to always remain humble and block out others’ negativity. You will find yourself living a happier life by always keeping your head up.

My parents were not to happy when I got my first piercing, especially my first permanent tattoo.

Although, I did get my ears pierced when I was just about one month old. Everything else on, or through my body, they were against with.

Gladly, my parents didn’t argue with me about it. They gave their honest opinion, which I admired, and let me do what I wanted with my own figure.

I love my piercings and especially my tattoo. It makes my self esteem go up and that will only matter to me.

When I go out on the weekend with my friends, I love dressing up in unique outfits, as my piercings shine throughout the night, along with my creative and lovely tattoo, peeking through my shirt.

Some people may not agree with my opinion, but then again, I am my own person. I am in charge on what I do and will forever care about my own likes and dislikes.