Civil rights museum worth the visit

These are dolls used in the "doll test" conducted by psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark. It showed that segregation created a sense of inferiority in African American children and was an important piece of evidence in Brown v Board of Education.

Will Schneider, Reporter

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s death. The famous Civil Rights leader whose method of peaceful protest helped secure better rights for everyone and end discrimination against African Americans.

I went to the Memphis Civil Rights Museum over spring break. It is located at the motel where King was assassinated.

The legacy of Dr. King cannot be underestimated. He carved himself into history, being the inspiration for countless movements and social changes across the last century. I think this museum is important, not just for remembering Dr King and the marches he led, but for showing everything else. It covers how the South got into this situation, it shows just how bloody and difficult it was to achieve.

It shows how he inspired other Civil Rights movements then and now. I believe it shows much of the man, who even though he had every reason in the world to attack his oppressors, he chose to remain peaceful instead. It shows his care for his fellow man and his dedication to creating peace – which is the biggest reason as to why he is beloved today.