How do we find a hero?

Liza Koshy and David Dobrik telling viewers about their breakup.

Screenshot from David Dobrik’s YouTube channel

Liza Koshy and David Dobrik telling viewers about their breakup.

Caraline Anderson, Opinions Editor

The idea of a hero is a noble one. It’s Superman’s cape fluttering in the wind. It’s Rosa Park’s echoing “No”. It’s something to emulate, someone to honor.

But what happens when there isn’t anyone worthy of that title?

We don’t see those who work day and night for success. We see boys who yodel in Walmart, 21 year olds who become billionaires because of the media coverage they’ve had since a young age, leaders who have only become so because they’ve been born into piles upon piles of money. Seldom do we take time to honor those who’ve worked long and hard perfecting their craft. If you only see people who’ve gotten lucky with their lot in life, how does anyone know how to succeed?

The internet is partly to blame for this new development. Each day, there’s a new person or challenge that’s gone viral, new YouTube and internet sensations. I’m sure that people like Liza Koshy or David Dobrik work really hard to get to the place they’re at. But we have to realize that they’re sensational is because they’re unique, and not everyone is going end up with a vlog like David’s just because they try. Part of the success we’re so familiar with is just luck, plain and simple.

But if the internet is our main source of information, where do we locate inspiration? Who do we look towards that has earned success through legitimate means, no luck, no “just add water”?

It would be cheesy to say that the best kinds of heroes are unsung, that your mom or your brother is your hero because of the way they’ve struggled or overcome.

The only person you know that is completely legitimate is yourself. Trust that. Maybe you won’t be an overnight success, maybe you won’t get that 15 minutes of fame because things never happen the same way twice. But, push through boundaries and demand an equal opportunity to succeed like anyone else and you’ll be your own hero.