Prom tickets will be sold online


Seniors Brontë Phipps and Alden Beck at Prom in 2018.

Fidan Malikova, Features Editor

Prom tickets will be sold online for the first time this year at Palatine High School. Tickets for both prom and after prom, Six Flags, are sold from April 22 to May 1.

Social studies teacher Lisa Vosburgh and business teacher Brent Carroll sponsor junior class. Junior class is in charge of planning out prom since seniors are busy with senior commencement.

“We’ve actually considered selling tickets online for a long time, but never had the platform to do it,” Vosburgh said. “We’ve been researching companies to sell tickets online but most of them were for fundraisers and not for school events.”

Palatine High School heard from Schaumburg high school about the company that sells tickets online, called GoFan. “In the past, we’d sell tickets on one day online,” Vosburgh said. “We felt bad about the long lines and decided to sell them online this year because of the flexibility offered with tickets being sold online.”

Palatine High School hopes to continue selling dance tickets online in the future, as long as there is positive feedback given by the students.

Prom tickets are $60 per person and $30 per person for post prom at Six Flags. To make sure students don’t mess up their tickets, there will be step by step video tutorials of what to do with the ticket on YouTube, and a prom packet all seniors should have gotten in homeroom this past week.