NHS hosts blood drive


Jane Spencer

“I think it’s important because it’s such an easy way to help someone out. Each donation saves up to three lives.” Maggie Walsh

Steven Keferlis, Reporter

On Nov. 22, Palatine High School’s NHS is hosting a blood drive. Students can go to the East gym to donate.

The blood drive itself will be held from 7:30am to 2:30pm on Friday, which means students can donate before or during school. 

“Students can sign up through the QR code on the home room page, and donate during a lunch period, or during a free period,” Chase Friel, one of the NHS members behind the drive, said. 

The blood drive is being run by Heartland Blood Center and the blood itself will go to various hospitals that need blood. Although the blood drive is optional, students (16 and above) are encouraged to participate in the blood drive. 

“Students should donate blood because for every pint donated, 3-4 people are helped in the process,” NHS member Josalyn Service said. “It’s a great way to get involved in our community by giving back to those in need!” 

“Students should donate because there is no substitute for blood,” Friel said. “When transfusions are needed, hospital students rely on donors. Donating blood is only a small portion of your time, but it can truly save lives.” 

Students won’t need to fret, as the task will be handled by professionals and experts. 

“The process is professionally handled with experts, and there will be plenty of support to ensure that students are taken care of during and after the process,” Friel said.

Since blood can’t be replicated, transfusions depend on donations for them to properly work. 

Again students, 16 and older, can go to the East Gym on Friday Nov. 22 to donate their blood for the drive.