PHS hosts science olympiad meet


Monika Jurevicius

The banner of the PHS Science Olympiad hangs in the Biology hallway.

Monika Jurevicius, Sports Editor

Palatine High School and 35 other schools competed at the Science Olympiad meet hosted by PHS on Saturday, Nov. 23. There were close to 1200 students in attendance that competed in 23 different scientific events. 

On the day of the competition, students arrived early in the morning to start their event and compete throughout the day. The coaches circle around the school to make sure that the event is run smoothly, answer any questions about the events taking place, input scores, and organize the awards ceremony.

Monika Jurevicius
Students take part in the Boomilever experiment on the South Shelf.

Dr. Carl Garrison, the science chair at PHS, is the lead coach for the Science Olympiad team. Patrick Rauen, Alex Larson, and Rob Heitz coach the students on the team as well. Before the meet takes place, the coaches meet with the students to prepare them for their events. 

“We typically don’t sit and lecture to the students,” Garrison said. “We will provide resources and test students along the way.”

Tests and quizzes are then given to the students to see how they are doing and how they are progressing throughout the year.

Monika Jurevicius
Measuring how far the airplane glides for the Wright Stuff event.

“If they have a curiosity and an internal desire to learn, then they will have fun and be successful,” Garrison said.

Any student is welcome to join Science Olympiad at PHS. 

Science Olympiad meets every Tuesday after school in Room 325. The next tournament is at Conant High School on Saturday, Dec. 7. 

Monika Jurevicius
Students prepare to test their project for the “Gravity Vehicle” event.