Student Spotlight: Jack Casaccio


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Jack Cassaccio, fifth from the right, stands proudly with his team.

Nicole Canfield, Reporter

Cross Country girls and boys run year round, through rain, snow and heat to constantly improve their times. While Palatine High School has an amazing cross country team, teammate Jack Casaccio stands out. Casaccio is one of the few freshman on varsity, and his work ethic pays off through his awards. 

Every athlete has an inspiration, whether it’s a famous athlete in their sport, or just a coach or teammate. 

“This might sound ironic, but my biggest inspiration is Usain Bolt,” Cassaccio said. “I know he’s a sprinter, but I admire his confidence and swagger.” 

Casaccio has been running in cross country and track for 8 years. He is motivated most by knowing that he is helping his team, and the achievements he has gotten along the way.

His fastest mile time is 4:47, but the moment he’s most proud of is when he placed 10th in the varsity conference meet, setting the record for best position by a freshman.

Even though Cross Country continues to train during Polar Bear Running club, he would like to thank Coach Quick and Coach Niggliachio for helping him improve. They are always pushing him to do his best. 

Cassacio plans to improve on his running. His current goal is to make it to state next year, and get all-state (top 25).

So far, Cassaccio’s favorite memories are going to Indiana for Nike Cross Regionals, and staying up till midnight to make coffee in the hotel with his teammates.