As predicted, “Shrek The Musical” was a huge success

Senior Daniel Walsh plays Shrek.

Hind Souhail, Reporter

“Shrek The Musical” by Palatine High School Drama’s club performed at the end of January, from Jan. 23 until Jan. 25. Around 34 cast members were on stage. 

“We have older kids who have never been in the show before and younger kids who have been in multiple shows outside of school, so everybody brings a different type of experience and I love that” Judy Klingner said. Klinger is this year’s Head Director. She’s also a retired English, speech, and drama teacher and has directed Palatine’s musical for 6 years.

“Even though there’s an age difference,”  Klinger said.  “They come together as a family.” 

Every year, the PHS Drama Club cast hosts a musical to make in an open, fun environment for students, kids and families. The plays are full of jokes, songs and meaningful lessons. 

“The team is pretty cool,”  Emily Gerdes, a PHS senior playing young Fiona, said. “Everyone brings something different, that’s what makes it feel complete, the game is going to be fun, the show is hilarious, it should be pretty cool.” 

The cast would meet up almost everyday and practice, accompanied by their drama sponsors, Emily Fazio and Judy Klingner, where they would improve and learn new techniques.

“They’re all very talented; everyone has a lot of energy. I think watching every single character come alive and the scenes as well, it’s a fun thing to look forward too– the dances and the songs.” Divya Murali, a PHS senior playing Dragon, said.

Shrek is a play that all students and teachers looked forward to see, the goal is to make everyone laugh and enjoy theater.