Remembering Robin Williams


Photo via Michael Caufield/Getty under Creative Commons license

Robin Williams, the brilliant actor and comedian, passed away on Aug. 11.

Addison Norris, Reporter

On Aug. 11, the world grieved over the tragic death of the beloved comedian Robin Williams. He lost his battle with depression, leaving so many people in complete shock.

Robin Williams was born in Chicago and grew up loving comedy. He developed into a very successful stand up comedian. He performed all over the country and after being very successful in comedy, Williams decided to launch his very own TV show entitled “Mork and Mindy” which was an immediate success.

This legendary celebrity was not only a brilliant stand up comedian, but a phenomenal actor as well. Robin Williams was best known for his starring roles in movies such as “Aladdin,” “Night at the Museum,” and “Mrs. Doubtfire.”

While his career was going strong, Williams had many problems in his personal life. He had severe relationship complications and got divorced twice, causing tension within his family. Robin Williams also struggled with substance abuse for many years as a result of his struggle with depression. All of these factors contributed to his complicated health problems. Williams had to have severe heart surgery in early 2009.

After a few years, Williams mental health started to deteriorate. Many friends and family members close to him noticed very little progress being made. In the middle of August, Williams passed away, ending his battle with depression. His family and children were heartbroken- as well as much of the world. Many people did not know that Williams was battling with depression, and if they did they did not know how severe it actually was.

To commemorate Williams after his death, The Disney Channel had a marathon showing the movie “Aladdin”- in which Williams was the voice of the Genie. Billy Crystal also commemorated Williams in a heartfelt presentation at the Emmy Award Show on Aug. 25.

People will always continue to remember Robin Williams as a phenomenal comedian who could always make people laugh.