NaNoWriMo officially begins for writers across the globe

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November is national novel writing month and many aspiring writers participate through

Jermyia Williams, Reporter

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is both a writing event and a website full of creative writers. Every Nov. they give people a lead to follow and personal writing goals to help them complete a novel by the end of the month. But even before NaNoWriMo begins, you can join NaNoWriMo prep to prepare before the end of Nov. When starting a new project they give you all the steps needed to begin writing your novel.

Within the NaNoWriMo website, there are pep talks for people that are losing motivation and need a push to get going.  People forget why they write sometimes and everyone needs support and encouragement when writing a novel.  

“Stories let us know we’re not alone. They reflect on us. They let us compare and contrast ourselves to the characters, allowing us to imagine how we would handle the situation and therefore learn something about ourselves,” Alexis Daria said, one of the authors who has written out a pep talk for the site.

For writers who really want to get involved, there are writing groups available to join or you can create your own.  It’s a way to connect with other writers and help each other together. 

Recently the NaNoWriMo website updated their racial equity strategies to create some type of diversity within the site.  They want all people to feel welcomed in the community in a way to connect with others who are alike.  They offer the Writers of Color group, LGBTQIA+ group, and there’s even a Writers With Chronic Illness, Disability, or Neurodivergence group.  According to the statistics of NaNoWriMo there are 73.65% female writers, 15.58% male writer, and 4.52% non-binary writers.  This website is open to everyone and all the help that is needed to be successful when writing a novel and reaching your goals.

“We create an environment both online and in-person that values respect, empathy, and growth,” NaNoWriMo says on their website. 

The usual word limit for an entire novel is 60,000 words but NaNoWriMo is 50,000 words for a single story. Aspiring writers can also follow NaNoWriMo on Twitter or Instagram.