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Sonia Jezierski
Sonia Jezierski
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Sonia Jezierski is a Senior at Palatine High School and this is her 2nd year being an editor for Cutlass. She is the president of Ecology Club, enjoys testing her scientific knowledge as a captain of Science...

Get your game on for spring break

courtesy of Larian Studios
Since it was released in August of 2023, players have a total of 452,556,984 hours.

Each year since 2014, the Video Game Awards have been presenting top candidates for each year and voting worldwide for the top video games. This year’s candidates have already been chosen, but being a connoisseur of video games since I was 4, I have decided my own ranking. 

Baldur’s Gate 3

Starting in No. 1, the video game I believe to win the best video game in 2023 is Baldur’s Gate 2. Based on Dungeon and Dragons, Baldur’s allows a player to essentially play however they want. With Baldur being an RPG game while having a turn based combat system it resembles Persona 5 Royal in its mechanics, who was a close winner to Game of the Year 2017. What surprised me was that out of 33 people who answered the survey, only two people knew of Baldur’s Gate 2.

Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 is the long waited predecessor to the first game. Having waited 13 years, Alan Wake 2 did meet expectations and more. Being released in October it was the perfect time and opportunity for Alan Wake to flourish since it is a surval horror game. Not only was it suspenseful in certain times, it kept you on edge the whole time. The mechanics were also wonderful and brought memories of the first game. Personally, first place is a tight decision between Alan and Baldur’s, but I feel like Baldur’s has an edge with it truly allowing a player to decide what to do. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

“It is a wonderful game, full of an amazing narrative and a wonderful story,” said Jodi Penaloza, video game enthusiast. “The gameplay and mechanics were refreshing yet familiar as well.”

Spider-Man 2 continued off from the first game and expanded of what we knew and made it even better. The story was a wonderful narrative and a compelling story, and a game that you never get bored of, even the side quests. One thing that many players loved about this game was the interactions between Peter and Miles, the two Spider-Man characters of New York. It was so goofy how they interact with each other after a fight. If there was one complaint about this game, it would be that the swinging is quite distracting from the actual gameplay.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

I have not had the chance to play Tears of the Kindom yet but from what I have seen, it is a better version of the Breath of the Wild. They added sky islands, new elements, new abilities and much more. With Zelda being an openworld it makes it a relaxing experience for beginner gamers. I think it is a good game and a better one from the first one with the story doing a good job of continuing from the beginning. 

Super Mario Bros Wonder

I have also not yet played Mario yet. I have seen the mechanics and how Mario can now turn into an elephant. It has the classic mechanics just now having the Wonder Flowers which adds a new factor to the equation. Super Mario is great and with it having new mechanics I see no fault in it. To me it is a decent game that has no flaws. 

Resident Evil 4 (2023) 

In last place, Resident Evil 4. Don’t get me wrong, I love this game, but when comparing to the other candidates for Game of the Year Award Resident Evil is more of a wondeful and fantastic re-mastered than an actual new game. I loved the story and the gameplay, and a lot of people loved Leon. It’s a beautiful game even when you’re being surrounded by enemies and fighting for your life with limited supplies. The new mechanics from the original game were a surprise, such as new layouts and even adding more to the horror. Overall, a good game just in a bad area.

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Nicole Romero
Nicole Romero, Reporter
Nicole Romero is a senior at Palatine High School. Romero decided to join Journalism from the many endorsements of a heartfelt educator who encouraged her to try something new. Romero is passionate about computer science and hopes to follow in the footsteps of open world game developers. Outside of school, Romero loves the field of art and its variety on the Earth as a whole. Romero sees the beauty in all landscapes, from the ancient city of Rome in Italy to the piquant state of Jalisco in Mexico. Romero hopes to visit these locations someday, whether through Journalism or by her own means. 

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