World of SCP Review

World of SCP Review

SCP is a creative writing site in which writers of varying experience can come together and be a part of one universe – world of scp. It is a writing site where experienced authors and immature authors grow and make a world centered around anomalies and science fiction.

The site has most things you could ever want as a reader when it comes to mystery, fantasy, eldridge horror and even wholesome stories. In 2007, the site originated by a user on 4chan who made a post about a Statue that is painted in red and only moves when people are not looking at it, he also wrote in a format that was like a secret government document. Around 2015, the site grew larger. 

Today, the site is growing larger than ever and has inspired fan films, comics, and even games like Control and SCP 5K.  There are around 9002 stories; after the one thousand mark they become complicated. For example, one of the stories on the website is titled The Demon Lancelot and the Flying City of Audapaupadopolis. This story is about the beginning of humanity and brings in a lot of fantasy races like fae and the children of the night (Bigfoot).

In this website, people write stories, usually science fiction, about a fictional world in which a secret organization known as the “SCP Foundation”: Secures anomalies, Contains them and Protects the general public and humanity from them. 

The website starts from humble beginnings, beginning as a single post on 4chan about a Statue that if you look away from it, it will try to snap your neck faster than you can blink. There is freedom to express what you can write– freedom to express what you can do, which creates more stories. The site itself is under the Creative Commons ads, which means that no big company or any person can own it. It belongs to everybody. The unique platform that allows writers to explore and contribute to a shared universe. There are a whole series but they’re all separate concepts separate from each other. It’s more of a multiverse. of ideas and stuff like that than any coherent, like, streamlined story. And if the reader is of a younger audience, please heed the warnings like they had disclaimers (18+). 

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