Dance Show 2014

Addison Norris, Reporter

On Oct. 31 and Nov. 1, the Altergott auditorium was haunted from the dances performed by the students of Palatine High School. From hip hop to ballet, Dance Show was diverse with performers from very different dance backgrounds. With several different groups such as DNA, Latin Dance Crew, Orchesis, and other talented solo acts, the diversity of the show provided entertainment for all interests in dance.

“I love how diverse the dance styles are and seeing how people can express themselves in such different ways is cool”, says Ellie Esbrook(’15), a member of Senior Orchesis.

Any performer will tell you that these productions do not come together in just one night. The hard work and dedication of both the cast and crew made the show go smoothly. It was the long nights of rehearsal that make the show as seamless as it was. Two weeks before the opening night the cast and crew were already preparing for the show.

“Long rehearsals are actually the best part!” says Sarah McCormick(’16), a member of Senior Orchesis, “They can be stressful at times, but they are what makes the whole cast become closer because we are with each other all night.”

For first time Dance Show performers, these countless hours of rehearsal can come as a bit of a shock. However, most agree that the long nights of practice make the actual performances even more beneficial and exciting.

“Opening night has a certain adrenaline rush that makes all of your hard work pay off,” says Nicole Del Re(’16), another member of Senior Orchesis. The hard work that was put into the show was definitely shown through the performances.

Dance Show is a tradition at Palatine High School along with many other annual performances.

Senior Ellie Esbrook has been a part of Dance Show since freshman year and knows that during rehearsals, “Emotions run high, copious amounts of pizza are consumed, and best of all you get to bond with your fellow teammates.”

Like Esbrook, for many students, performing at Dance Show has been a part of all four years of their high school experience.

Next year, dancers will be back to once again share what they love to do with the audience. Look out for more exciting performances coming soon.

“[Dance show is] probably the greatest and most fun experience ever.” says Gabby Wnuk(’17), “I feel like we all became a dancing family.”