O’Shea looks to catch legacy


Johnny O’Shea, #80 in white, catches a touchdown against Evanston.

Jack Whisler, Reporter

There’s a minute left in the game. Palatine is beating Schaumburg by seven but the Saxons are driving down the field trying to tie the game. The Schaumburg quarterback throws a long pass downfield. The Schaumburg receiver leaps up for it but Johnny O’Shea makes an incredible interception to seal the victory for the Pirates.

Johnny O’Shea has been making incredible plays for the Palatine football team for the past three years. Even though his high school football career is almost over, he has solidified his legacy in the football record book at Palatine. By the end of the season, O’Shea could be the leading reception and receiving yards leader at Palatine. He’s broke these records while leading his team in huge games against some great teams.

“The Semifinal game against Loyola two years ago was my favorite game. It was a close game and even though we lost it was cool to see the community come out and help clear the snow on the field.” said O’Shea about his favorite game of his High School career.

The Loyola game was one of many big games that O’Shea has played in. The past two years he’s played in the State Semifinals and both were against teams that went on to win the State title that year. O’Shea has also played in big regular season games that were on live TV.

“I always try to make sure I’m focused on my assignment.” said O’Shea on how he prepares himself for big games.

O’Shea has played in some important and memorable games in his High School career. However, his career of playing in big games is just getting started as he plans on playing Division One football in college.

“I hope to get a scholarship to play Division One football at a school that can also give me a good education.” said O’Shea.

O’Shea currently has two offers to play at Butler University and the University of San Diego next fall. Some people think that O’Shea’s career is almost over but it’s actually just getting started.