The popular eateries for Palatine students


Courtesy of Kevin_Dooley via Creative Commons

Five Guys has proven to be a locally popular restaurant for students.

Jack Hamman, Reporter

When it comes to where the best place to eat is, it really depends on what exactly Palatine students want. There are a variety of places to choose from depending on what someone is craving in Palatine.

Naps is one of the go to’s for those who want a quick and cheap slice of quality pizza. Dairy Queen is another cheap and quick option if someone wants ice cream. Spunky dunkers is a great place to easily get quality donuts for a great price. Students are a majority of the consumers at some of the best eats in Palatine.

“I think Five Guys is always a good option,” PHS senior Lucas Marini said. “They have everything I want even though they’re not cheap.” 

Five Guys is one of the popular restaurants because of their burgers and shakes.

“My go to is Naps because it’s good pizza for [a] cheap [price],” PHS senior Carter Cerer said. “Naps has some of the best pizza in town”.

It really depends on what someone wants and what someone has a taste for. There are a variety of restaurants for whatever you want. All different types of food including tacos, burgers, sandwiches, ice cream and other treats. Although Palatine doesn’t have a lot of attraction, their food variety is pretty good to choose from. Teens are always attracted more towards fast foods for obvious reasons and for good reasons too. They simply don’t have enough money or they don’t want to go and sit down inside a restaurant. All prices are relatively cheap and affordable ranging from $3.25 for a slice of naps to a $20 pizza from Lou’s.

Pizza is probably the most popular choice of food in palatine and that is backed up by Naps, Lou Malnatis, Pizza Bella, and Little Caesar’s to name a few. Second most popular would have to be just your standard burger and fries from places like Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King etc. finally there are the family owned or privately owned restaurants like Kostas, Chiggys and Photos. Some of these restaurants offer student meals that are cheaper but not a lot of students know about them. 

In all students and adult food choices are very different and are divided by a fine line of fast food and sit down restaurants. Students like fast food especially during lunch and adults don’t mind food taking awhile to make. Adults are also usually able to spend more money because they have higher paying jobs, unlike students who work at McDonald’s or Target for example, so income is definitely also a factor.