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Humans of Palatine: Mahek Acharya


“My name is Mahek Acharya and I am a Senior at Palatine High School. I have been on the debate team and the girls golf team for four years.”

“I feel like a lot of people know this about me, but my number one artist is Drake. I have recently gone on the top 1% of listeners. I like Metro Boomin too but I think Drake is my number one.”

Through Acharya’s frustration with her golfing season, she expressed her exasperation by creating her own podcast. “The summer of my sophomore year, I had a really bad season. At the beginning of the season I hit my PR and was really loving golf, then all of a sudden, I couldn’t hit the ball. My mental health deteriorated and I had no confidence in myself.” 

“I thought to myself “I am a talker and I love to talk about my problems. What if I create a podcast?” I started this podcast and it helped me a lot.  I didn’t really expect people to listen to it but I felt like if I’m going through this, other people are too. It’s similar to how when you ask a question in class, it’s probably a question that someone else had.”

Acharya poses at the Mercedes Benz stadium while attending the First Tee Leadership Summit in Atlanta, Georgia. Used with permission by Mahek Acharya.

“The episodes follow a similar format. I have them introduce themselves and tell me how they got into golf. After the introduction, I ask them questions about their mental game. I ask them “If you’re on the course and can’t make a put, what do you do?” I try to make the end pretty fun so I usually end with a 10 question rapid fire of random golf questions.”

Acharya with teammate Meghan Wargo after golf practice her Junior year. Used with permission by Mahek Acharya. 

“In the past, I’ve interviewed golf coaches and players. More recently I interviewed a University of California, Berkeley player,  an LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) player, and players our age all over the world. It’s just really awesome to see how many people enjoy my podcast and recently I surpassed 200 listeners so that’s really awesome as well. I’m really excited to continue.” 

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About the Contributor
Sonia Jezierski, Opinions Editor

Sonia Jezierski is a Junior at Palatine High School. She is on the Badminton team, and enjoys testing her scientific knowledge at Science Olympiad tournaments. Jezierski is a Class of 2024 board member, participates in Foreign Exchange Club, Tri-M, Yearbook Club, Ecology Club, and Service Club. Sonia frequently writes in her free time and is looking forward to publishing her work for the first time. She hopes to be a forensic psychologist once she graduates high school. 

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