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Chloe Chidichimo is a freshman at Palatine High School. She has liked journalism since she was a kid and has been writing since she was able to hold a pencil. Chidichimo enjoys English and engineering,...

Handwritten notes should be the next social media trend

Maya Przyborowski
Ninth grader Matilda Szymanski hand writes a letter to a friend.

Among the people who are now accustomed to technology, handwritten letters aren’t as common as they used to be.

Hand writing a letter can mean something more than a text message that can be forwarded to a hundred people.

All that’s being sent in this day and age is text messages or photos. Although they’re convenient when somebody lives far away, I believe that handwritten notes have more value and bring more joy.

“I think the note is really nice because it lasts longer, right?” English teacher Jennifer Krause said. “If that person chooses to, they can keep it and they can reflect on it or remember you by it. I just think it’s more meaningful, it suggests more effort on your part to write up a letter or note.”

Even though it’s not much, a handwritten note lasts longer and it can have more meaning and sincerity than a simple text message.

According to a survey by CBS News, 37% of adults who took the survey said it’s been over five years since they’ve written a letter or note and sent it through the mail, and 15% haven’t ever sent one.

“I believe that writing letters feels more romantic and heartfelt,” freshman Maya Przyborowski said. “I do like to hand-write letters when I am able to.”

Hand writing letters can make a person feel just a little more special and loved. It’s a small, cheap gift that can have a lot of meaning behind it to the person it’s being given to. With giving a letter to someone, you can sometimes expect one back as well.

However, writing letters can sometimes be a hassle to do, especially if you’re planning to mail the letter instead of handing it to someone in person. Finding a nearby post office and getting stamps and envelopes can be time consuming. It can also take a while to get a letter back, as mailing can take time to arrive or get lost while getting mailed out.

According to New York Post, 23% of people do not like to hand write letters because they don’t like their handwriting. Another 32% say that it’s too time consuming to write by hand, and 16% say that it hurts their hand.

“I would say that I still get some handwritten thank you notes. But I would say not as much as I used to in the past,” Krause said. “I think that it is definitely kind of a dying art.”

I believe that bringing back hand-written letters is the better way to go when you want to show appreciation to someone. It’s like a type of art form that’s simple to do but has a big impact on people.

With the Valentine’s Day around the corner, a thoughtful letter might be a great gift to give out to family or friends. Take the time this month to hand write a small card or letter to your loved ones to show your appreciation for them.

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Matilda Szymanski
Matilda Szymanski, Reporter
Matilda Szymanski is currently studying as a freshman at Palatine High School.  One thing about Szymanski is that she is a very creative person and values expressing that creativity through her art. Just one of her many passions is creating art. They found their passion by experimenting and drawing a variety of characters such as different angels. They started their creative journey when they were just in the fifth grade, and have been improving ever since. Another way that Szymanski expresses her creativity is through her outfits. She values what she wears and her favorite outfit is a blue sweater and black tights. Although they often like to wear baggy clothes, they still find a creative outlet in fashion.  Overall, Szymanski has very many redeeming qualities as she is a very unique person. 

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