PHS Football coach strengthens athletes physically and mentally


Anya Ball

Brian Richter (center) sits between his fellow coaches and his football players at a 2019 game.

Rand Paddack, Reporter

“Details,” said Coach Brian Richter, of Palatine high school, as he directs his group of linebackers through the drill he set up for them. He makes sure to pay careful attention to his players. Making sure that everyone’s form is correct. Richter always stressed the importance of paying attention to the little details because that’s how he was taught when he was a player. From his experiences he found individually focusing on the little things is extremely beneficial to his players and their development.

Richter believes that the players he coaches will not only become better football players, but better men if he requires them to have attention to detail and calls them out and corrects them.
Paying close attention to miniscule details can be difficult for most highschoolers, therefore, Richter’s coaching needs to be tough and specific. Yet, he still brings a fun and competitive atmosphere to practice. A lot of his athletes like this.

“For a football coach and like a linebacker coach you need to be hard on some kids so that they know what you’re doing,” said Bobby Widlowski, junior outside linebacker.

Widlowski has just started his Varsity career with Coach Richter, but strongly believes that his coaching style is only benefiting himself, and his fellow teammates around him. Widlowski described practices as”straight-forward”, tough and repetitive. Moreover, he still thinks that they’re fun and energetic, especially the competitive segments. Other athletes think the same thing as Widlowski.
“His coaching style is pretty intense but it works,” said Mitch Larkin, junior middle linebacker.

This is Larkin’s second year on varsity and he has grown to look forward to the competition and energy that Richter brings to practice. Larkin thinks of his coach as a big “football role model” for him, and is excited to play in the upcoming season and the one after with Richter.

Coach Richter’s main goal as a coach is to not only improve his players as students, but to to improve them as young men.

“I wanted to pass on whatever I learned through those experiences to high school kids,” Richter said. “And I thought the best way to do it was through sport.”

Richter believes that passing on his wisdom from his past will not only  help his linebackers in the game, but it will aid in the progression of their knowledge of football. Coach Richter went to Aurora University from 1996-2000. He played on their football team there as a linebacker. Richter normally accounts to these memories/experiences when talking to players about his past career as a football player.

Richter goes beyond the expectation of being a football coach. He cares about his players performance on the field, while also making sure they become better people through their experience of playing football.

“If they were coached by me I hope they remember the little details,” Richter said. “It’s the discipline and the consistency in every aspect of life that you learn through sports. But I hope that they can take what they do in sports and those aspects and apply it to everything they do in life. And it will lead them to be successful. That I want.”