How Coach Azriel brings girls tennis to its A-game


Matt Stepp

Coach Azriel (right) talks to singles player senior Ria Iyer.

Alina Maleryk, Sports Editor

Christy Azriel is a psychologist at Palatine High School, and has been for ten years. She also coaches girls tennis and has been doing so for eight years.

“Our focus is to continually improve our skills on an individual basis and as a team,” Girls Tennis Varsity Coach Christy Azriel said. “We also want to be competitive in our conference matches.”

Coach Azriel is the head coach of the varsity girls tennis team. She takes her role seriously, upfront, and encouraged, which challenges the team to work their hardest. Azriel loves the sport and wants her team to succeed.

“I am very fortunate to have an excellent group of seniors this year,” Azriel said. “Seven out of the eleven varsity players are seniors and each one of them demonstrates leadership qualities.”

The main point of coaching girls tennis for Coach Azriel is to see team players make friendships, represent their school, and enjoy being in an extracurricular sport.

“I love how our team cheers each other all the way from court one to court six,” senior Captain Brookelyn Velmont said. “Other teams tend to be quiet so for us to be loud can be intimidating towards other teams and gives our team the support and confidence to play hard.”

“It has been so much fun watching this group grow, learn, and improve their tennis skills,” Azriel said.

She mentioned that she likes seeing girls review their opponents’ strengths or weaknesses and create a plan for the team to execute throughout the match while using the skills that players learn throughout practices.

As well, prefers building good connections with all of the varsity girls tennis team. She makes sure after a match to tell the players what some of the mistakes are to keep them on track so they could learn, improve, and use the knowledge for conference meets and sectionals.

“For the conference tournament, all varsity players are competing for individual medals as well as an overall team place,” Azriel said. “In sectionals, only 6 of the varsity players are competing, if players are successful in Sectionals, they can qualify for the state tennis tournament.”

Coach Azriel hopes that girls tennis performances will be way better this year, especially while showing their performances in sectionals on Oct 14.

The girls tennis team plays next at their sectional tournament on Oct 14.