Band concert celebrates movie magic


Monika Jurevicius

PHS bands play together at the start of the second winter band concert.

Alessandra Mireles, Reporter

On Thursday, Feb. 2, 2023 the band program hosted a concert in the gymnasium at 7:30.

“Not only are our people going to recognize some of the songs from the music that we’re playing that night,” Palatine high school band director Carlos Esquivel said. “But I think that it’s really special what our students are able to do when you throw music in front of them.”  

The theme of the concert was Movie Magic. Ranging from popular movies, including Disney songs with an arrangement of their specialty, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

“We actually have been practicing this stuff since the beginning of December,” Esquivel said.

Talented band students endlessly practiced songs for the concert ever since December. Numerous students showed off their talents at the musical performance, others saw their friends cheering them on at the concert.

Attending the performance supports friends and is also a magical experience that should be taken advantage of.

 “[Students] spent a ton of time on it,” PHS band director Katie Samayoa said. “They probably, in a lot of cases, have sacrificed doing other things in order to work on this [concert], and share it with the world.”

Audience support helps students show off how talented they really are.