Education vs. Appearance


Sabrina Brons

An early morning view of Palatine High School’s English hallway.

Selena Gutierrez, Reporter

As a senior this year at Palatine High School, I expected something different. I assumed everyone would have their own style and that people wouldn’t  judge each other for what they can or can’t afford to wear. I was totally wrong. Students strive to look as good they can, or even better than the people around them. I believe it comes in the way of getting a good education. Looks seem to be more important than  grades in the student’s eyes.

Students tend to make their looks their first priority. Girls worry about how well their eye shadow is blended and boy’s worry about having the cleanest shoes. In this society students spend more time choosing their outfits then their actual school work. They wake up 1-2 hours before school to start getting ready. Six out of ten girls from Palatine High School surveyed said that they take one hour or more to get ready before school.

Some students go to school very dressed up and I wonder how they have time to to stay up doing homework and still get up early the next morning to get ready.

It can all start with just a few people to make a difference. Caring so much about appearance can lead to bullying and depression. In this society, students work harder for money and jobs as teens rather than get a good education. They forget that they have so much time for working and buying stuff as they get older. It is possible to get a great education and find a great job as an adult and then begin buying materials to work on their appearance. There is no reason for rushing to grow up so quickly. insisted that school’s wear uniforms so students would focus more on learning rather than looking good. In respect to school uniforms people often ask why teams wear uniforms. Jamie Jones says “some might think it is only to be identifiable by fans, however, players must be able to identify their own members in order to work together to achieve a common goal. School uniforms encourage identifying with a common enterprise — the excellence of a school.”

I believe if all schools would demand uniforms then students wouldn’t have to worry about looks or getting judged about what they wear.

A Daily Mail reporter said that more than half of school girls are bullied because of their appearance.

“Only one in five said they were personally happy with their appearance, and fifty three percent said they have gone on a diet,” according to the research by youth charity Rathbon.

Due to these reports people believe that students can better themselves and their confidence by looking good in school.