Humans of Palatine: Tiffany

Gary Guzman, Photographer

“Since I was 9, I began taking breakdancing classes at a local studio I was apart of, and fell in love with hip hop. I was also doing all star cheerleading at the same time. Once my cheer gym began a dance program, I auditioned and knew I had joined something I would continue to fall I love with more over time.”

“I knew dancing was what I was meant to do the very first time I performed on a stage that wasn’t covered in carpet. The variety of tones, lighting, and movement that is compelled over the span of just a few minutes absolutely captivated my being from then on.”

“When I dance I intend to dance for a purpose. I feel that a dance piece should be created with a story, emotions, and a clear moral for the audience to take with them after the performance is done”. “When I dance I enter this world of clarity and calmness that I typically don’t experience in everyday life with the ongoing stress of a teen trying to chase their dreams. With all of the dance pieces I’ve performed so far here at Palatine High School, happy or emotional, I try and convey the beauty of my second world dance brings me to so someone else can become one step closer to finding their second world.”

“I am a Palatine High School human, and my name is Tiffany.”